Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pending Sale

Just updating you all here before I'm not able too.

Our house is finally pending and we are to be closing on it July 21st. So my life consists of packing whole eight years worth. WOW! You don't realize how much you have accumulated on stuff those years. We are in process to find another house up Northern Oregon. So, right now we are in the waiting process to hear back from our offer on another house.

Other News...

I found out I am pregnant 1 months ago. What a true blessing that is, for we have been trying and not happening for two years. I finally started to get rid of my things just to move on and heal and look what happen then. So, I have been very sick with nausea since I was four wks along. My girls are so excited and say that this CHILD has to be a boy, they want a brother and they are very strong on it too. Well, I would love a son too, but that is up to God what he chose for me. Boy or Girl, this child is truly a blessing from God and I LOVE IT DEEPLY. Grow my child, for I am right here, feeding you healthy foods and giving you strength to grow perfectly.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm finally updating my blog here. It has been eight years this coming June, living in this house. We have finally decided to put our house up on the market. Hubby's job is relocating us toward northern Oregon to Washington. After eight years of putting sweat equity in it, we are finally ready to sale it and get a step bigger house for our family. We will see what all happens and in a month or two.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slowing down

As you all can see I'm slowing down with this blogging....

What have we been up too......

Went on a church function end of Sept. beginning of Oct. to Yachet, Oregon.

This was our rental house we stayed in " The Gathering Place" We were there for about two weeks. Loved the house and we hope we can stay there again next year.

Schooling....... has taken my time this year with our stay at home schedules and running around activites to the girls classes. Here are some art projects we've done so far...

Recess time.... let's use our imagination

We are in fall projects now. Been busy doing leaf art prints and tracing leafs on papers.

What I've been up too...... well it's called READING SOME BOOKS....

and another interest I'm going to start doing...

Another BIG projects going on again... House remodeling...

AND MOST OF ALL..... spending quality time with husband and daughters.... AND RELAXING.....

As you can see I've got alot on my plate already.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The girls reciting one of their poems

Here’s Ashley's illustration for herELEPHANT POEM

and the girls acting it out

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Dance Outfit Pictures

I finally got my girls together in their dance outfits for pictures. We went to a Rose Garden here close by us, right by a bike path. We brought a change of clothes to change after pictures were taken. We then walked on the bike path and found a very peaceful spot in the shade, with a view of Willamette River and had a picnic together. After that we walked further on the bike path to a park and girls got to play for an hour before we headed back home. It was a MUCH needed outing with my girls. These are the days when I want to grab hold on too and share my favorite memories with them as they get older and need that remembrance what all great times mommy and daughters had together.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who all is looking

I really don't know who all is looking at my blog. I think I only have one or two people looking and I haven't decided to keep this blog going on just for those two. I have opened my comments to ANYBODY at the moment to see. If you are looking and not commenting let me know. I want to see ALL who is coming to my blog and want me to keep this going.

Thanks for your comments.